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julia trotti // fashion photography

so i’ve been thinking of hosting a fashion photography workshop in sydney sometime soon, is there anyone who would be interested in attending?

we would spend the day shooting in an amazing location with a professional model, makeup artist and stylist. i will teach you how i pose my models, how i work with natural lighting and my location as well as covering how i select my photos, how to get clients and answering any questions you might have! i will be demonstrating how my usual fashion shoots work & you will have group time as well as one on one time shooting with the model.

please comment or like if you’re interested!

i’d love to make this happen by the end of next month x

34 notes
  1. serenakao said: come to california~
  2. leschosesfragiles said: Host it in France pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!
  3. alksdjflasdjf said: I would definitely come!
  4. artcaptivatesme said: :((( jealous of Australians once again
  5. babbybleu said: I’d love to :):) xxxx
  6. yuyirocks said: I wish I were from sidney!!!
  7. kiararosephoto said: yes please, i can help you organise if you need to!
  8. mutuallcore said: yes yes yes!
  9. vlk-xii said: that would be great! would be even better if it was in hawaii. (in my opinion)
  10. suedesilk said: If only you were in New Zealand because that sounds amazing!
  11. rooftopdreaming said: Yes please Julia! X
  12. juliatrotti posted this